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First message

September 15th, 2010 No comments

Finally, after years of questions from friends why I don’t open my own blog, I did it.

I’ve started, my personal blog, with the intention to write more about the situation of the Greek-Catholic community from Romania which is facing currently a process of cultural and religious cleansing.

The Greek-Catholic Church was the only Church abolished by the communist regime in Romania, and after the fall of communism our believers continue to suffer severe violation of human rights and our heritage is being destroyed with the clear intent to “wipe us all” from the country. More about this subject in the next posts.

Furthermore, I want to write more about who we, the Greek-Catholics or Eastern Rite Catholics – as we are known here in USA -, are.

When I present myself somewhere here in the States as Greek-Catholic, many are asking, kind of correcting me: “Greek-Orthodox?”

In other instances, I am asked: “How can you be Catholic if you are not Roman-Catholic?” Or, “How can you be Catholic priest if you are married?” (Yes, I am married).

I hope I will be able to answer some of these question in my future posts.

Also, I will write or comment about subjects or topics that I consider important or useful. Otherwise, I don’t want to waist your time and mine.

I am looking to your input and your feedback through comments or emails is greatly appreciated.

Thanks and might God bless you!

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