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1000 friends on Facebook

I registered on Facebook more than a year ago, but I did not use it too much. Being busy with many things I just did not have the time to “stay connected.”

All this time I was getting requests from many people that wanted to connect with me and I did not have the time to accept their on-line friendship.

Last week I said “that’s it; I have to spend some time on Facebook and accept the requests.” I worked two days to go through all of them.

On the second day night, tired after so many clicks, I checked my profile and I could not believe my eyes: I had 1,000 friends. That was really a surprise for me.

I even posted a message on Facebook to make sure that the date and time when I reached 1,000 friends will be carved in stone “for the record.” Not only that, but I even took a print screen of the page. :)

I think Facebook is a great tool that allows you to get in touch with people and to be approached by many. And this tool should not be ignored by those that want to get in touch with the younger generation.

For those interested, the link to my profile on Facebook is: http://www.facebook.com/FrChrisTerhes

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